We rapidly restore fizzled services and dig deep to discover what caused the downtime. We at that point actualize a solution customized for your server with the goal that a similar issue never happens again.

How we help

Here is a couple of basic issues we resolve and the estimated time and service charge for them. The correct quote for your particular issue may fluctuate in view of the complexity, yet this should enable you to take care of business.

  • Spam mitigation
    2 hours
  • Fix PHP errors
    1 hour
  • Database recovery
    2 hours
  • Website hack recovery
    2 hours
  • Server load mitigation
    2 hours
  • Vulnerability patching
    1 hour
  • Email error resolution
    1 hour
  • Restore failed services
    1 hour

Don’t see your particular issue using given are according to our exceptional Member Access pricing.

How it works


When we get your initial conference order, our experts connect with you through email and chat (Skype, Google, and so forth.).


Our first need is to recover any fizzled service and restore regularity. We’ll keep you updated concerning the progress.


We at that point dive deep into the issue and discover why it occurred in any case. Then we actualize permanent solutions to prevent its repeat.

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Get started in 2 steps

We begin with an expert conference. This procedure, for the most part, takes 60 minutes, where our specialists check your site, observe out exactly what should be settled, and lay out a solution plan. Speedier solutions are executed within this underlying meeting period. Have questions? Talk to an expert.

1. Choose a support plan

                Pay as you go: Initial consultation at $70. 1 hour included. Additional hours at $69.99/hr. See details

                Member Access (monthly plan): $70 $0 consultation fee. Additional hours at $59.99/hr. See details

                Member Access (annual plan): $70 $0 consultation fee. Additional hours at $39.99/hr. See details

2. Submit support request

Describe the issue you are facing. On form submission, you’ll be redirected to the payment page.


Pay as you go

Perfect for server owners who require infrequent support help.


It Covers all one-time support tasks and setup. Purchase hours and utilize when you need them.

  • Standard support
  • Covers server organization tasks, for example, server upgrades, malware expulsion, speed optimization, and so forth.
  • 30-mins response.

Member access
(Month to month membership)

Perfect for site owners with month to month support assignments.


With 3 hours for every month membership.

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  • Standard support
  • Covers site organization tasks, for example, CMS updates, malware checking, speed optimization, and so forth.
  • 30-mins response.
  • Additional hours at $59.99/hr.
  • 3 hours per month

    Consistently, you’ll gather 3 hours of help. Unused hours can be utilized whenever within a year.

  • 24/7 coverage

    Our specialists are on standby round the clock. You should simply send us an email.

  • Zero setup time

    We’ll have your server details on document, and our group will know about how your server is configured. In this way, no time is wasted setting up access, reviewing settings or paying bills.

  • Built for maintenance
    Great for fast response to server cautions or other urgent occasions(e.g., vulnerability patching).
  • High load mitigation
  • Fix failed backup process
  • Fix disk overage issues
  • Clean malware infections
  • Recover blacklisted IPs
  • Resolve mail errors
  • Fix failed upgrades

Member access
(Month to month membership)

Purchase hours in mass and spare. Utilize whenever you need within 1 year.


With 3 hours per month paid every year.

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  • Standard support
  • Covers site organization tasks, for example, reinforcement reviews, movement, security solidifying, and so forth.
  • 30-mins response.
  • Additional hours at $39.99/hr.
  • 36 hours available all year

    Utilize everything without a moment’s delay for major one-off tasks or split it throughout the year for intermittent server issues.

  • 24/7 coverage

    We’re online 24/7. Only send us a mail, and we’ll get on your case immediately.

  • Zero setup time

    When you require help, you just need to get in touch with us. Since we’ll be acquainted with your server and hours are paid ahead of time, no time is spent in allowing access, checking settings or paying bills.

  • All-purpose support plan

    Useful for routine website/server maintenance or major one-time complex tasks.

Recurring emergency issues

  • High load mitigation
  • Fix failed backup process
  • Fix disk overage issues
  • Clean malware infections
  • Recover blacklisted IPs
  • Resolve mail errors
  • Fix failed upgrades

High priority tasks

  • Fix failed migrations
  • Resolve server upgrade issues
  • Fix application update errors
  • Fix deployment errors
  • SEO errors resolution

Crisis tasks, for example, hack recovery, spam alleviation, and more are secured under our Emergency Server Support design, where specialists attend your request within 60 minutes.

Not sure what help you need?

Let us know what issue you’re facing, and we’ll get back to you with solution options, and how to go forward.

Supported technologies

Server systems

  • Linux or *nix
    Redhat / CentOS / Fedora
    Debian / Ubuntu
    Cloud Linux
  • Windows
    Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
    Office 365
  • Web servers
  • Database servers
    Galera / NDB
  • Mail servers


  • VPS systems
    Proxmox / LXC
    Virtuozzo / Parallels Cloud
  • Cloud systems
    oVirt / RHEV

Web hosting

  • Control panels
    Direct Admin
    ISP system
    ..and more
  • Web apps
    ..and more
  • Billing / Ticketing
    ..and more

Why ITexperts

We know web hosting

Our group supports many web hosting organizations like yours, with the support tailored to coordinate their exotic needs.

We champion small business

ITexperts began little in 1999 as a small business, and we constructed our foundation by helping online SMB organizations make their stamp. We esteem entrepreneurship and enable organizations to develop.

We are trusted

We’ve been reliably appraised the best server management organization for web hosts for the past 15+ years. More than 250+ clients endow their 47,000+ servers with us to keep it quick and secure.

Frequently asked questions

Our need in Emergency Administration is to restore fizzled services as quickly as time permits. This could incorporate server reboots, document system settling, database recovery, and more.

The administration recovery, for the most part, occurs within the underlying 60 minutes. During this time, we examine log records, follow procedures and more to discover why the server faced an issue in any case. We at that point recognize a solution to prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

As a rule, (for example, database repair), the permanent fix additionally gets executed within this 1 hour.

Indeed. For instance, on the off chance that we take 20 minutes to examine, and 40 minutes to settle, we will charge you for just for 1 hour.
No, in light of the fact that we charge in increments of one hour. However, you may club different assignments together.
You get credits for hours remaining. You may utilize them whenever within 1 year.
They stay for up to 1 year. A large number of our clients pre-pay for a considerable length of time and utilize them as and when they require them.