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Information Security

We comprehend the measure of believe you put on us when you offer access to yours and your clients’ protected innovation, for example, site information, installment information, server logins, and so on. This is the reason we turned into the first and final organization in the web hosting industry to actualize the strictest security standard for secure remote specialized help – ISO 27001. With ISO 27001 confirmation, we are light years in front of even SAS 70 inspected organizations who assert high security in their operations.

How ISO 27001 helps your business

  • Your business identity, server login details elements and client points of interest are available only to approved people. All points of interest starting from your organization is put away in scrambled media, and ensured with numerous levels of confirmation.
  • You get engineers who are prepared to think and work with security as a need. They wouldn’t commit errors, for example, picking a weak secret word, leaving open a transitory access port, and so on.
  • Your operations are secured by a well thoroughly considered worldwide standard which leaves nothing to chance. All aspects of the help procedure are secured by at least two levels of cross check.

Quality Management

For ITexperts, a server administration instance is not only a specialized issue to be explained. It speaks to the trust a business set on us to give only the best service on the planet. To reliably accomplish high quality, we received the globally acclaimed ISO 9001 quality management system. Today, each support instance attended by a ITexpert support engineeris administered by the quality system gave by ISO 9001, and finely sharpened by our 14 years of involvement in server administration.

How ISO 27001 helps your business

  • A basic standard representing each support instance guarantees that you get predictable high quality of service paying little mind to who deals with your support.
  • The standard guarantees that you get completely qualified and prepared support engineers dealing with your clients. Nobody will utilize your business as a stage to learn by trial and error.
  • The constant change process commanded by the standard, guarantees that the help engineers are always up-to-date regarding the most recent advances, and are prepared to handle any issue immediately.
  • The system requires an all around characterized chain of command which you can use to tune quality focuses to your particular needs.
  • Your clients get a help experience that is the best in the business.

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