IT infrastructure can monitor, predict and respond to future business needs

Enterprises today are burdened with multiple IT Infrastructure requirements. The list of tasks to accomplish this is long and equally intimidating. Moreover, diverse branch connectivity requirements, granular application policies, and hybrid cloud deployment scenarios pose various administrative challenges to IT organizations worldwide.

At ITExperts, our infrastructure management approach focuses on delivering optimum value to our clients by using future-proof products and solutions with flexible consumption models. Our offerings, powered by our innovative core of specialists, leverage our proven technology accelerators. As a one-stop partner for big and small clients, ITExperts’ offerings focus on lowering infrastructure costs, increasing availability, and optimizing infrastructure and automation.

How ITExperts Agency supports IT Infrastructure

We are your server administrators and have the server management tools to solve your problems. If you need help, we’re right here for you with 24/7 support. Some common requests we resolve are:

  • Cloud Server Troubleshooting

  • Infected Website Recovery

  • IP Blacklist Removal

  • Database Repair

  • Fix Email Errors

  • Website Monitoring & Rescue

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Service Optimization

  • Security Hardening

  • Backup Setup & Restoration

  • Disk Space Management

Desktop Management Services

ITExperts Agency provides a comprehensive approach to managing your desktop environment, allowing the end user to minimize time and manage cost while providing a simple, fast and reliable virtual desktop performance. We know that it is vital to keep your desktop environments running smoothly. Therefore, the ITExperts team is available 24/7 to manage any incidents, problems, or requests you and your organization encounter in managing your desktops.

  • The ITIL-based incident, problem, and request management

  • 24×7 coverage, Live answer

  • Microsoft OS, AWS, and applications support

If you encounter issues with your operating system or need support with your company’s desktop applications, our team is on hand to provide live answers to your problems. Our fully trained support staff will work quickly through any issues you may be facing and help you get back up to total working capacity as soon as possible. We aim to help you keep downtime to a minimum with fast, effective service.

IT Network Management Services

We provide:

  • Comprehensive management of your organization’s network.

  • Ensuring full performance.

  • Maintaining an exceptional quality of service.

Technology Partners

We are constantly identifying and resolving network issues before they become problems. ITExperts Agency provides comprehensive outsourced management of the continually evolving IT technology necessary for the success of your business. We provide managed support at every aspect of your network, providing a secure environment via firewall management and VPN, and carry out complete monitoring and reporting. Our team takes on the protection, management, and monitoring of your network, giving you peace of mind and in-depth performance analytics.

By taking on the management of your network and leveraging best practices and shared resources, ITExperts can have a highly positive impact on your users’ experience with IT.

  • ISP management

  • DNS management

  • Wireless, router, and switch management

  • Firewall management

  • VPN

  • Asset reporting

  • KPI and metrics (reporting)

  • Configuration management

  • Monitoring

Cloud Services and Management

You reduce your IT overhead with agile, scalable, and efficient cloud computing, allowing safe, secure data storage and optimized collaborative working. Access the benefits of working in the cloud with ITExperts’ cloud services.

ITExperts is a cloud computing services provider and can help your business migrate and access the enormous advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing services will help you gain access to files and documents and work collaboratively from anywhere in the world. As a pioneer in cloud services, ITExperts Agency can train and manage to pace up your business migration towards the technology cloud. In addition, ITExperts can fully migrate and integrate your organization’s technology and existing networks onto the cloud. As a result, we can seamlessly connect all aspects of your organization and create a single environment for collaborative working.

  • Cloud computing

  • Software as a service

  • Virtual access

  • Secure data storage

Cloud-Based VOIP Solutions

We’ve been communicating by phone for hundreds of years, and even now, it is one of the most preferred communication methods in the workplace. Unfortunately, after six to eight years, the system requires maintenance or starts lagging in features, proving harmful to the business’s standing. You may have already realized it’s time to upgrade, but researching and selecting a new calling system can be daunting. Whether missing calls, disparate systems, or fluctuating expenses, the solution to most problems is a new software-based communication solution.

In many cases, desk phones are not even required. Imagine the versatility you can achieve using your PC, tablet, or smartphone instead of being tied to a desk phone. Modern solutions also offer additional communication perks beyond simply voice. Instant messaging, presence, video calling, and collaboration tools give the business capabilities designed to keep you operating optimally and at maximum productivity.

  • Reduces Long Distance Costs

  • Redundancy is Built into the Network

  • Eliminates Onsite PBX Equipment

  • Reduces/Eliminates Traditional Telephone Lines

  • Provides Advanced Calling Features, Flexibility, and Mobility

  • Three – or Four – Digit Dialing Everywhere

  • Local and National Phone Numbers Available


Break/Fix Solutions

Our break-fix support offers a post-warranty hardware support service that covers the complete IT infrastructure. We provide an end-to-end maintenance solution, from the desktop to the data centre – we support:

  • Servers

  • Network devices

  • Storage

  • End User devices

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • Wireless network devices

  • Audio-visual equipment

  • EPOS systems and much more.

It is globally known that each business requires a different approach; therefore, we can adapt our services to include labor-only support and, sometimes, a part-only solution. While many companies are now opting to store their data within a cloud environment, we understand that legacy equipment is spread across the IT infrastructure landscape. Most of the time, the older the equipment is, the more expensive it is to use the manufacturer’s warranty support. But sometimes, the cost of ongoing support services from the manufacturer is more expensive than buying new equipment. That is where our managed third-party break-fix IT support gives the security and option of continuous support for a fraction of the cost.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service lets you upgrade your IT infrastructure without the capital outlay. It is a monthly pay service that includes hardware, software, IT support contracts, consultation, and project management costs. As a result, hardware as a Service (HaaS) enables companies to undertake large-scale changes quickly without needing costly upfront investments.

Here are the three main benefits to your business:

  • Reduce capital expense – Pay one monthly fee for all your IT requirements, thus allowing your budget to spread further.

  • Say hello to new technologies – Technology advancements are happening at an increasing rate.

  • Scalability – As your organization grows and changes, so do your technology needs. HaaS is scalable.

Technology Partners

The HaaS solution offsets the ever-rising cost of poorly functioning computer hardware.

  • Maximize operational efficiency with limited in-house resources

  • Reduce up-front hardware investment

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Ongoing expert technical support

  • Benefit from the latest hardware

  • A proactive service models

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IT infrastructure monitoring is a core business process solely owned by the IT organization. It is required to collect and analyze data from the IT infrastructure and use that data for the betterment of business results and drive value creation for the organization.

Organizations that depend heavily on IT to deliver their products and services must build and maintain an IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure includes all the assets necessary to provide and support IT services: servers, data centers, computer hardware and software, networks, storage, and other equipment. While the IT infrastructure includes physical and virtual assets (software, virtual machines, virtual servers), IT policies, processes, and human resources are not considered part of the IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring: What Should You Monitor?

Any application working parallel to your organization and its network is a potential malware working on getting access to your organization’s sensitive and private data. Even hardware devices should be duly monitored for their health status as it would be disastrous when a hardware failure could result in unplanned downtime or lost revenue.

  • Hardware monitoring

  • Network monitoring

  • Application monitoring


Your Partner Across the Full Technology Life Cycle

IT Expert Agency is more than just a solution provider. It would help if you considered us when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

Services Plan

Small Business

  •    24/7/365 Performance and Health Monitoring
  •    Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  •    Annual Business Reports
  •    Business Email Setup and Configuration
  •    Domain & Hosting Web Development

Mid-Size Business

  •    Small Business Services
  •    Quarterly Business Review
  •    Vulnerability Scan
  •    Managed Endpoint Protection
  •    Managed Backups Server Maintenance
  •    Network Maintenance
  •    Microsoft Office 365 Support
  •    PBX Phone Management & Support
  •    Onsite Visit

Premium A La Carte IT Support

  • We offer customised IT support services and systems to meet your business needs. You can plan your IT support options and choose services specific to your requirements through our premium a la carte IT support package. Some of the core services included in this package are:
       SIEM as a Service
  •    Security Education Program
  •    Quarterly Business Reports
  •    Annual Vulnerability Scan
  •    Managed Endpoint Protection
  •    Managed Backups
  •    Server Maintenance
  •    Network Maintenance
  •    Onsite Consultation Visits
  •    Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  •    Phone Management & Support

ITExperts Minimizes Your Risk and Your Cost at The Same Time

You will find a list of many reasons why you should talk to us before choosing your AWS-managed service provider. But if the list is too long, we can narrow it down to this…we can find and find a solution to any problem; we don’t just fix the reasons. And because we work in varied customer environments, we’re equipped with the best ideas. Finally, you can scale with confidence, knowing you have a separate, dedicated team with eyes on your infrastructure, a team with deep, long, and diverse experience in software development.