Cyber threats exist everywhere and keep changing drastically. It’s nearly impossible for most businesses to maintain a fully staffed, full-time, on-site IT security department that can deliver the cyber strategy and protection needed now and then. That’s where Managed Cybersecurity Services steps in.

  • 24/7 security monitoring, management, and remediation with the help of a dedicated support team
  • Layered protection
  • Security assessment and offering SIEM
  • Access to skilled cybersecurity consultants,
  • Virtual CISO services and cloud security services
  • Predictable monthly spend
  • Recruiting and maintaining cyber professionals

ITExperts provides a broad spectrum of cybersecurity consulting and fully managed cyber security services. These can protect your business from unrelenting attacks around the clock. So, reach out to us and set up an exploratory call to see how we can help you with your cyber needs!

What Cybersecurity Services Does ITExperts Offer?

At ITExperts, we offer affordable, comprehensive cyber security solutions and cybersecurity consulting services for businesses of all sizes. Our in-house team of cybersecurity consultants protects your data, making sure you are in compliance with the requirements and giving you confidence that your business is safeguarded.

Some of our essential services include:

  • Security Consultation

  • Server Hardening

  • Server Optimization

  • ISO Certification Compliance

  • Security Assessment & Audit

  • SIEM as a service

Security Consultation Customized to Your Needs

Whether you want to establish a hardcore security strategy, meet audit/compliance requirements, or identify and address new security risks and threats, our consultants can design an integrated security ecosystem that optimizes investment while protecting your critical assets. This comprehensive security program includes collecting and analyzing your aggregate security and compliance requirements, risk and compliance controls, and needs.

Work closely with a team of security experts to identify risks, unravel gaps and prioritize your tools and resources. To have the best plan, processes and technologies must address security and compliance vulnerabilities. Therefore, you need a team of proven security experts who will work closely with you to expose risky areas in your organization and identify the network, data, application, and enterprise threat levels/risks, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity issues. This will help you prioritize security issues and address your most urgent needs.

Our service portfolio includes the following consulting services to address your security needs:

  • Strategy, risk, and compliance

  • Threat intelligence and predictive analytics

  • Network and applications

  • Identity and access management

  • Data security

Compliance Consulting Services

Our cyber compliance consulting services help companies with cybersecurity by offering security program development, enterprise risk management, compliance security controls, and testing. Our cyber security consultants end regulatory confusion, and our team of security experts will eliminate the risk of complying with regulatory compliance and state and international data compliance laws. In addition, our team of experts provides professionally written and editable cybersecurity compliance policies, standards, and procedures. Finally, we ensure our clients can adhere to regulatory compliance and meet strategic business. Our services’ risk and compliance function focus on the overarching security landscape.

Cyber Security Compliance Security Controls include:

  • Incident response management

  • Phishing simulation

  • Cyber liability insurance

  • Strategy and roadmap planning

  • Security technical controls

Technology Partners

ITExperts’ automation and orchestration, cybersecurity, and compliance risk assessment engagement give your organization a roadmap based on a holistic approach to decision making. Security assessment provides insight into assets, business processes, and technologies that harness your business’s most significant risk or threats.

Server Hardening

Server hardening is a mix of disciplines and techniques which improve the security of an ‘off-the-shelf server. The server hardening aims to reduce the server’s attack surface. Removing software that is not needed and configuring the remaining software to maximize security can reduce the attack surface. As a result, an attacker has fewer opportunities to compromise the server. This checklist provides a starting point as you create or review your server hardening policies.

  • Accounts and logins

  • Components and subsystems

  • Updates and vulnerabilities

  • Clocks and Timestamps

  • Networks and firewalls

  • Remote access security

  • Logging and SIEM

  • Application hardening

Server Optimization

Server optimization is the best way to improve data processing, efficiency, and application configuration, along with the overall performance and speed of the server. Server optimization methods allow companies to maintain a highly efficient and operational application delivery network that functions optimally. In addition, server optimization provides a way to improve the performance and speed of a server. Server optimization techniques are practiced extensively by companies to meet expectations such as accessibility, availability, and functionality of their websites.

Server optimization is necessary when:

  • Web pages load slowly

  • The website is not responsive, even intermittently

  • Applications like VoIP cannot be used effectively

  • Website conversions decrease

  • The server goes down during the user flow

These situations indicate that the server is overloaded and cannot perform direct functions. As a result, the website availability will worsen, and the server cannot handle the traffic flow.

ISO Certification Compliance

Information and Cyber Security management is a critical component of any industry or sector and speaks to protecting information assets’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and other frameworks and management system standards like COBIT, ISO 9001, ITIL, and ISO/IEC 20000 can assist organizations in developing appropriate governance. This may also enable compliance with statutes and regulatory requirements without “recreating” the wheel or duplicating existing and adequate controls.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems – Increased consumer expectations of information security require organizations to implement a practical ISMS framework that preserves the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

  • ISO 20000 IT Service Management – Recently updated to ISO 20000-1:2018, this Standard helps organizations establish a robust technology service management system to support increasing complexity in risk.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – As the benchmark management system standard for over 30 years, ISO 9001 applies to all industries, regardless of size.

Security Assessment & Audit

A Security Assessment is a superior service or a proactive evaluation. At the same time, an Information Technology (IT) Audit is an externally-reviewed appraisal of how well an organization meets all necessary legal standards and guidelines.

On the other hand, IT Audits check how things are compared to how things should be. Security Assessments focus on how well an organization meets external regulations and requirements. Yet, they are both a part of the same risk management function.

A cyber-security risk assessment gives your business a detailed picture of your current security systems. Our cyber security services team identifies all of your assets that a cyber-attack could alter, understands the risks associated with each element, helps you define what needs maximum protection, and then develop a customized road map with short- and long-term milestones.

Key Takeaways

Technology Partners
  • Distill your business needs and understand what questions you need each assessment or audit to answer

  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, and nuances of each type of cybersecurity assessment or audit at your disposal

  • Treat your information security assessment and audit deliverables as data points that paint a total picture, providing a measure of risk and strength trends, strengths, or gaps.

  • Deliver leadership communications in terms of applied risk and business objectives and avoid cyber speak and IT jargon

  • When in doubt, reach out for help from a trusted advisor

Technology Partners

SIEM as a service

Cybersecurity has never been more critical in today’s changing technological and economic landscapes. Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) software collects data from the different technologies within your system, monitors and analyses that data for deviations and possible security risks, and then take appropriate action against those threats.

As a system, SIEM was conceived to monitor entire IT networks and keep an eye out for anomalous activity or unusual behaviors affecting organizations’ internal or external systems. If not deployed and maintained correctly, SIEM solutions can generate a sizeable volume of alerts. Organizations without a large, dedicated security team often struggle with the time-consuming task of trawling through SIEM alerts to identify genuine security incidents. A managed SIEM service helps organizations bridge the resource gap by providing the latest SIEM technology and the security professionals needed to manage and monitor it 24/7.

Our Managed SIEM service offers your organization a range of security and operational advantages:

  • Enhances threat detection and incident response

  • Reduces load on in-house teams

  • Maximizes SIEM investment

  • Supports compliance needs

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a step-by-step process you follow to resume the normal state of business operations and techniques after an organizational disaster has occurred. In cybersecurity, the disaster can be very diverse, such as breach, theft or loss of data, data hijacking, virus attack, cybercrime, etc. So, the main objective of a cybersecurity disaster recovery plan is to safeguard the organizational data and assets after a security mishap has occurred. You can also treat it as a stealthy approach to collecting and preserving root cause analysis of the security breach. However, this is not the only task, as you have to make sure other things once a security issue is identified, such as:

Technology Partners
  • System and network degradation to curb the proliferation and escalation of security attacks

  • Make sure the system is restored to its normal operational state

  • Minimizing the exposure

  • Preventing further data and resource loss

While it is not possible to avoid risks or security disasters coming your way, developing reliable and robust plans to overcome the situation is a perfect way to emerge as a winner. Now, one major mistake you can make is creating a disaster recovery plan and forgetting it until you meet a disaster. In the end, you must have the right expertise, such as ITExperts, to maintain a strong security posture and ensure recovery with minimum losses.

We will help you

Services Plan

Small Business

  •    24/7/365 Performance and Health Monitoring
  •    Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  •    Annual Business Reports
  •    Business Email Setup and Configuration
  •    Domain & Hosting Web Development

Mid-Size Business

  •    Small Business Services
  •    Quarterly Business Review
  •    Vulnerability Scan
  •    Managed Endpoint Protection
  •    Managed Backups Server Maintenance
  •    Network Maintenance
  •    Microsoft Office 365 Support
  •    PBX Phone Management & Support
  •    Onsite Visit

Premium A La Carte IT Support

  • We offer customised IT support services and systems to meet your business needs. You can plan your IT support options and choose services specific to your requirements through our premium a la carte IT support package. Some of the core services included in this package are:
       SIEM as a Service
  •    Security Education Program
  •    Quarterly Business Reports
  •    Annual Vulnerability Scan
  •    Managed Endpoint Protection
  •    Managed Backups
  •    Server Maintenance
  •    Network Maintenance
  •    Onsite Consultation Visits
  •    Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  •    Phone Management & Support

ITExperts Minimizes Your Risk and Your Cost at The Same Time

ITExperts delivers a full range of top-tier cybersecurity services and solutions to strengthen your business with operational resilience, flawless data privacy, and robust protection against cyber threats. We align their business objectives with the most relevant and consistent technology strategy, helping them to innovate and achieve scalability, increased efficiency, and operational agility.