From automatic security updates to scheduled manual upgrades, we do everything conceivable to keep your servers safe and current.


System Software Management

Programming updates are essential to determine application bugs, fix security vulnerabilities and actualize new elements. System updates are not direct. New software could struggle with existing applications, or vendors could altogether stop making new fixes for operating systems. ITExperts keeps your servers updated with the most recent software by settling reliance issues, managing upgrade errors, creating custom packages, resolving software conflicts, where required.

How we help

Compatibility Resolution

While putting in new updates, it is conceivable that some custom setup may moderate the server. Thus, before executing the next feature update, we decide the full strategy and ensure that the upgrade we apply does not hinder any current functionality.

Zero-day Vulnerability Patches

By keeping a steady vigil on the evolving dangers to the systems, we immediately end up identifying any developing vulnerabilities. This empowers us to rapidly secure the servers before anybody gets an opportunity to execute any zero-day exploits.

Performing Custom Upgrades

In situations where operating system vendors have quit giving patches, or in situations where application software was introduced from source, ITExperts helps service providers keep the system updated by making custom installation packages or by updating the application utilizing source code.