Technical support

ITEXPERTS specialized support engineers help your clients rapidly resolve their administration issues with 24/7 expert support.


Customers frequently get disappointed when innovation doesn’t work as expected. Getting prompt care from an expert, who comprehends the issue and reassures the client, helps the circumstance and increase customer retention.  Clients remember positive help encounters, and that can transform them into raving fans of your business. This is the place ITEXPERTS can offer assistance.

ITEXPERTS engineers support your clients 24 hours per day over help desk and live chat channels. Each engineer is capable in your server innovation and has a long time of involvement in client support. Regardless of what the complexity of an issue is or the hour of the day, your clients get a snappy determination to their administration issues.

Technical support features

  • Unlimited technical support

    There is no authoritative limit on the number or complexity of issues your group can resolve. Each specialist in your group is experienced in your technology, empowering snappy resolutions to help demands with no requirement for escalations

  • Customized response time

    ITEXPERTS naturally reacts to help inquiries within 1 hour. However, in view of your client desires, you can set a customized response time to get short, quick replies, or point by point replies in the main response.

  • Multi-channel support

    We have confidence in client delight. We trust, to clients ought to get quick resolutions to their administration issues whenever of the day over any channel they pick, which is the reason we keep up a day in and day out presence over help desk and live chat at ITEXPERTS.

  • Customized support style

    Your customers may be controlled clients who require profoundly specialized to-the-point answers, or your clients may require more detailed assistance specific issues. Your group customizes response styles in light of your market segment.

Service usage assistance

  • Service issue troubleshooting

    Factors, for example, another customer device, an update in customer side software or a server update can bring about the broken administration. We rapidly discover the underlying driver of mistakes and quickly restore services with advanced troubleshooting techniques.

  • Account setup and configuration

    New record setup includes a series of steps, for example, data migration, name server setup, DNS updates, and so on. We help new account owners speedily set up their administrations by giving detailed step-by-step help.

  • Subscription management assistance

    Account expiry frequently brings about disturbed business for clients. We help account owners recharge their systems and restore any lost information. We enable your clients to subscribe to value added features with expert counsel on specialized choices.

  • Pre-sales support

    To develop your business, you can’t stand to miss any of your pre-sales queries. We take in all parts of your business so every potential client finds a reasonable solution for their pre-sales queries.

Emergency assistance

  • Account security support

    Websites are much of the time focused on outside attacks, for example, spamming, malware upload, website defacement, and so on. We help webmasters quickly recover from an assault, and actualize website level and server level channels to block future attacks.

  • Service performance recovery

    The loading speed of a website can be unfavorably influenced by issues, for example, resource hungry plugins, database optimization, etc. At the point when an execution issue is accounted, we rapidly discover the container neck and restore the service quality.

  • Crash recovery assistance

    A web application redesign or a website update can now and again result in lost or undermined information. We help account owner restore lost data through database repairs, post box repairs, backup restores, and so on.

  • Account migration

    At the point when clients roll in from another service, the information could be in-compatible formats or server-to-server information exchange may not be conceivable. We enable clients to migrate their account from another supplier with zero information loss.