Reliable, Fast Software Development

By strict adherence to coding benchmarks, thorough testing, and betting on 13 years of software improvement experience, we convey without bug, extendable software with zero delay in venture points of reference.

Software activities can be effective only if they are  completed within a fixed time period &where a business opportunity exists. Reliability of the software and its extending capabilities  assume a significant part in its operational achievement. These necessities can be met just by scheduling the process with foresight, adherence to coding models, thorough unit and black-box testing, and software advancement experience.

ITExperts  meets your business objectives by giving you effective project management, bug-free software development in web and other platforms, demanding testing and creative design services.

Common Design and Development Requests

An extensive change of software, reaching out from singular site applications, to multi-system server software may require customized designs. The following are a couple of setup and design demands we got.

  • Billing system module creation and customization. eg: WHMCS, HostBill, etc.
  • Integration of billing systems with CMS websites. Eg: WHMCS with WordPress
  • CMS plugin creation. Eg: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Custom websites by using CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.
  • Custom Javascript, JQuery function development
  • Payment gateway integration, like, PayPal, SagePay, etc.
  • Custom website development using PHP frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, YII, Zend, etc.
  • Social media website development featuring streaming media, community portal, etc.
  • E-commerce software module development. Eg: Magento module creation
  • Browser plugin creation. Eg: Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Web Application Testing

  • Manual testing that includes functional, system, database, end-to-end, regression, usability, compatibility and responsiveness testing.
  • Security testing that includes manual testing, and testing using tools like SQL inject me, XSS me, Vega, Burp Suite, Nikto, WebScarab, Skipfish, SQLMap, Access-Me, etc.
  • Automation testing using tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Webdriver, QTP, Soap UI, etc.
  • Performance testing using tools like JMeter, NeoLoad, LoadRunner, etc.

Mobile application testing (iOS and Android)

  • Manual testing that includes functional, system, end-to-end, regression, usability and compatibility testing.
  • Automation testing using tools like Apskudo, Samsung RTL, Genymotion, etc
  • Performance testing using tools like LoadRunner.
  • Manual security testing.

API Testing

  • Web applications API testing.
  • Mobile applications API testing.

Android Apps

  • In-app purchases using Google Play services
  • Push notifications using Google Cloud Messaging services
  • High performance native apps using Android NDK
  • Hybrid Android applications
  • Apps with SQLite database for flexible data management
  • Plugin development for Android apps
  • Third party library projects in Android
  • Multi-threaded applications using asynchronous tasks for better performance
  • Android apps that communicate with each other on Android devices
  • Instant messaging apps
  • Cloud supported apps
  • Android apps for wearable devices

iOS Apps

  • Push notifications using APNS service
  • Apple in-app purchases
  • Apps compatible with iOS8
  • Apps for Apple Watch using WatchKit SDK
  • Logo design that includes trade mark creation, logo re-designing, etc
  • Website design that includes frame work design, and function flow design.
  • Character design that includes mascot creation, game character creation, etc.
  • Banner and brochure design that includes ad campaign designs, website theme re-design, etc.
  • Mobile app UI design that includes game apps, productivity apps, utility apps, etc.

Design and Development Services

Software Development

Getting the requirements right, contributing the correct data to settle on wise choices, far-fetched project development, adherence to successful coding practices, rigorous unit and black-box testing, and improvising to meet milestone targets for a couple of the components that empower our product improvement administration to meet your business goals.


Mobile App Development

In mobile application development, achievement depends on the consciousness of most recent trends, coding background with the most recent highlights, designing the UI to be perfect with numerous devices, execution streamlining, and simply extendability. Through effective project management, we guarantee convenient discharges that empowers you to benefit from developing open doors.


Software Testing

Ansoftware engineer gives the last stamp of certification that a product will be successful. To complete this, testers should know client psychology, appraise accurately what all customer stages will be utilized, and how it will be utilized. By utilizing thoroughly incorporated experiments, and wisely picking test procedures, we guarantee your product is bug-free.


Design Services

Visual appeal and ease of use software feature full features that are easy to utilize. With over a time of involvement in cooperating with end clients, we know how clients think. Combining your vision of how the product should look, and our understanding on how shoppers carry on, we make plans that are visually dazzling, and instinctive to users.