Testing services

Programming Testing administratorsat ITExperts, help you eradicate the innate risks in testing a product that hasn’t been tested adequately. We enable you to guarantee your applications are filled in accordance to particulars over different stages, programs, and technologies.

Our Pay per Project and Pay per Tester assessing models enable you to choose a method that suits your budget!  


Web application testing

Testing results of a web application/site has fundamental data for you and your designers. A normal test result of an online business website is depicted underneath:

The report of bugs in different practical modules of an e-commerce business webpage. The graph speaks to the result of different experiments of a sample site.

Testing for usability ensures perfect features of your application. No space for “a broken application”.

Performance Testing stays away from business dangers identified with speed, security and versatility of your application.

The report of response time and data of a basic connection in an e-commerce website.

The report of bugs in different security parts of an online business webpage. The graph reflects the result of different experiments via a sample site.

Security Testing distinguishes security imperfections in software applications. Our Security testing specialists have that “Out of the Box” thinking for point by point security investigation.

How it works

Specialized testing services

Our group likewise performs specific testing services for a couple of normal web applications and sites, such as:

  • e-Commerce Sites
  • Facebook Applications
  • Web Hosting Sites
  • Web Hosting Control Panels
  • Community & Social Networking Sites
  • Audio/Video streaming Sites