ITExperts reduces an opportunity to advertise for your Django web applications by utilizing quick prototyping and Agile approaches.


Magento development is an incredibly imaginative movement. In light of contribution from designers, and in view of how the real view looks, your requirements will change. Through quick prototyping and detailed discussions, we enable you to improve your vision of the site to perfection, and from that point on, total the task in as little time as could be expected under the circumstances. When you acquire a Magento designer from ITExperts, you get a site that receives the best mechanism, utilizes the most recent design paradigms, and is a visual treat to the eye.

What We Do

Magento module creation and customization

The organization is progressively using the dynamism of web 2.0 to create a 24/7 online portal where business dealings should be possible utilizing a variety of platforms while traveling. Through viable utilization of APIs in various services, intuitive communication groupings, and helpful tool-tips, our modules make our website an appropriate portal for ordinary use.

Magento theme customization

Theme customization perhaps expected to showcase new promotions, feature a prominent element, or even to coordinate the site’s look with a happy season. By banking on most recent website composition patterns, we artfully utilize highlights, for example, flat and responsive outlines, micro communications, lovely typography, etc. to make your site a visual treat and a breeze to us.

Magento extension integration and customization

Magento Connect gives a broad assortment of extensions augments your site features. In any case, it may in particular capacities show compatibility issues with your custom capacities. We re-engineer and re-configure prominent Magento extensions to coordinate your particular business requirement and integrate easily into your current website features.

Magento SEO Optimization

While Magento gives an extremely secure and feature-rich code base, websites could turn out to be heavy if not optimized, impacting SEO performance. Utilizing a top-down approach, we utilize strategies, for example, as minifying/deferring JS/CSS, Image optimization, sitemap building, content highlighting, and so forth, to influence your primary keywords to perform well in all search engines.

Upgrading Magento and modules

The threat of breaking custom changes to themes, modules or central capacities keeps many website admins from redesigning their Magento. By reverse engineering your Magento customizations, changing over to modules and playing out a step by step upgradation, your Magento is updated to the most recent adaptation, without breaking the visual and functional integrity.

Provide long term support/maintenance

After some time, Magneto releases bug fixes, highlight releases and security patches. We make Magento maintenance simple by giving you long term support that spreads crisis security patches, regular updates that cover bug fixes, zero real downtime upgrades, and even 24/7 infrastructure support utilizing our server management administrations.

How We Work

After some time, we’ve discovered that Magento project requirements may change in light of how the web application looks or how an element carries on. To suit this need, we’ve received a variation of Lean Software Development technique, where our Magento engineers make a utilitarian model or a wire-frame as soon as possible – for the most part on the primary work itself. This gives you an excellent chance to experience firsthand how the web application would look, or how an element carries on. In light of your reproach, quick updates are made on the model until you are fulfilled that your necessities are completely converted into real life.

We at that point arrange the usage and put the project on fast track to change the model to the original web application. Through daily updates, our Magento designers keep you updated on how the web application is taking shape. The live release is finished within the arranged period; however, our contribution with the task does not end there. We follow-up to ensure each feature works in production environment precisely how it was arranged.


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