ITexperts designs and develops lovely and highlight-rich Android applications that are thoroughly tested to be overall safe devices and OS versions.

In Android application development, achievement lies in refining each modest piece of UX design and center functionality. ITexperts takes after iterative improvement and careful ease of use/execution testing for every version. This drastically reduces an opportunity to market for your application though, empowers us to make highlight alterations in light of feedbacks, and guarantees that each element in the application is thoroughly tested for ease of use and execution.


What We Do

Android NDK Development

Some applications like game applications or travel applications can instigate massive asset utilization when created utilizing traditional Android SDK. Speedy execution is accomplished for such requests suing Android Native Development Kit (NDK) which empowers the applications to collaborate specifically with the Android OS, along these lines cutting execution bottlenecks.

Game App Development

The accomplishment of a game application depend on the center game logic, its illustrations plan, its convenience and its capacity to perform faultlessly in a wide variety of devices. We utilize popular apparatuses like Corona, Unity 3D or local Android liveliness libraries to make diversion applications that have low resource impressions, and are improved for client stream.

Cloud Driven Apps Development

With cloud syncing quick becoming the standard for profitability applications, the efficient ones are separate by their information sync speed, battery utilization productivity, and active simultaneous access support. By utilizing Backup API, Google Cloud messaging, quick systems administration utilizing Volley, and so on, we manufacture applications that are solid and resource proficient.

Hybrid Apps Development

Awesome application thoughts spread like wild fire, bearing you next to no opportunity to adapt it in different market fragments. Utilizing instruments, for example, Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Iconic Framework, and so forth, we quickly create hybrid applications that cause you reduce time to market and rapidly build up leadership for iOS, Android and Web application stores.

Integration With Web Apps

Applications, for example, productivity applications and analytics applications require CPU/memory hard work to understand continuous data streams. Utilizing XML/JSON ask for reaction engineering, we make applications that can trade information with web servers, and show up and coming and important data in mobiles while leaving a deep asset impression.

Enabling In-App Ads/Purchases

Techniques for adapting an application sometimes clashes with client experience. It’s frequently the little things like component position, separating, or color schemes that separate an effective application. ITexperts utilizes time tested User Interface outlines to enable you to create an income stream from popular promotion systems, for example, AdMob, Chartboost, TapJoy and so forth.

App Categories

  • E-commerce And Shopping Apps

  • Social Networking Apps

  • Book Apps

  • Real Estate Apps

  • Game Apps

  • Communication Apps

  • Retail And Fashion Apps

  • Travel Apps

  • Health, Fitness And Lifestyle Apps

  • Music Apps, Multimedia Apps

  • Weather Apps

  • Food And Restaurant Apps

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