Data Center Solutions


IT Experts enlists a large number of technologies on its portfolio which serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement in your Data Center.

These services help add value to your business and cater to your need to transform business operations in order to create flexibility towards adapting positive or negative changes as they arise. This allows for a more accurate assessment of the value that new strategic initiatives (mobility, big data, and intelligent commerce) can provide to the enterprise.

  • Business Applications
  • Network – Infrastructure, Optimization & Virtualization
  • Storage & Data Management
  • Converged / Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Workload Management & Automation

Data Center Services 


Advisory, Planning & Design
  • Contact Center / Applications
  • Workload Automation Planning
  • Consumption/Financial Modeling
  • Network Site Survey Services
  • Application Performance Assessments
  • Data Management Strategy Planning & Lifecycle Roadmap
  • Backup & Recovery Health Check

  • Migration Services
  • Data Center Implementation
  • Services
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • Storage
    • Backup & Recovery
    • Business Applications
  • Network – Core & Edge

Managed Services & Support
  • Maintenance Concierge
  • Managed Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Optimization Services

The IT Experts Approach


IT Experts claims to be equipped with a vast experience and understanding of the data center and can help resolve complex network challenges for its clients. Our expert team is bound to fix data problems now and create proactive roadmaps for the future with cost- effective, seamless modernization of your data management environment, in order to avoid chances of disruption or downtime.

IT Experts can help you with challenges such as server security, end-of- lease hardware migration, data center relocation, and disaster recovery. Not limited to this, we offer highly automated options to deploy applications faster across data centers, cloud, and mobile devices. We also build modern, responsive networks to keep your data in working while defending it against security threats. Most importantly, as a vendor-neutral company, IT Experts removes the challenge of sorting out competing claims of vendor.