Case Management and call flow for contacting customers

  • As soon as the case is accepted you are required to meet the SLA within 10 minutes ( Proect Compliance- any individual missing the same needs to share the justification for each case )
  • Adherence of 24 Hours SLA – Cases should be closed within 24 hours with Resolution. Any case can only be kept open for more than 24 hours, if customer requested for a follow up or call-back.

3 Strike Process : –

  • 3 strike has to be done in minimum 3 days and even after that use your desecration before closing the case

Closure Guideline:-

Before closure of any case, ensure that a closure Email is sent to the customer. ( Compliance )

Billing cases handling:-

  1. Try to fix the issue for customer yourself
  2. In case you see a need to involving the billing team, call the billing team offline and assist the customer. if you see that Billing team do not wish to assist directly and want customer to call. Please inform the customer about the same to speak to billing team by sharing the number
  3. If the customer is still not convinced , ask your SME / TL to escalate the case

RAVE guideline –

Ensure calling customer, only from RAVE client and not from skype for business

Case  handling process

  1. Call customer through web rave only and not skype ( compliance )
  2. Ensure to update the clear case notes in the ticket so that other person, who reviews the ticket understand on which date call was made
  3. If you are unable to reach the customer, ensure to drop an email without fail
  4. Before closure of the case, you should send a clear email that states that issue is resolved and hence you are archiving the case .
  5. In any 3 strike scenario, before closing the case always mention , customer can always reopen the ticket for further assistance ( please make a note – 3 strick case should not be closed before 3 days . On each response of customer , 3 strick has to be started from 1st strike ).